A secure website to manage your health and communicate with your doctor.

Doctor-patient communication made easy.

Here's how it works: Your doctor sends you a letter to your Passport, just like an email. You get notified, either by email or text, to check your Passport for the new message from your doctor. From Passport, you can read your doctor's letter, view any attached documents - like lab results - and if you have a question, simply reply to the letter right there in Passport. Any message that you write from Passport is sent back to your doctor's office.

The Benefits of Elation Passport:

  • Notes from each doctor's visit will automatically be available to you online.
  • Securely message your doctor's office about results or non-urgent questions you may have - you don’t have to wait until the office opens to ask a question.
  • Gain access to your allergies, current medications and other pertinent information that other clinicians can use to facilitate your care.

Maximum Data Security

We use 256-bit encryption, double the level required by law, and our service is fully HIPAA compliant. Your medical information is always safe with us.

Mac, PC, & mobile-ready

Elation Passport is a web-app, which means it can be accessed from the internet on most of your devices. See the complete list of internet browsers we support.